DIY Craft Ideas Christmas for Adults and Kids to Make in 2024




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DIY Craft Ideas Christmas

DIY Craft Ideas Christmas
DIY Craft Ideas Christmas

Have you ever felt like you need help finding new and exciting Christmas crafts? This holiday season, an array of fresh DIY possibilities awaits.

Our guide is packed with creative Christmas craft ideas for both adults and kids, ready to liven up your festive decorations or become treasured gifts.

Dive in—your perfect holiday project is just a read away!

Key Takeaways

  • Mason jar crafts like Cocoa Mix Jars, Santa-themed jars, and snowy candle holders are festive and easy for both adults and kids.
  •  Homemade ornaments such as salt dough shapes, bead snowflakes, felt trees, cinnamon stick bundles, and recycled card globes add personalized touches to Christmas trees.
  •  Kids can make Clothespin Christmas Tree Ornaments and Pom-Pom Winter Animals, while families can create Felt Magnolia Leaf Garlands or Jingle Bell Wreath Door Hangers together.
  •  Epsom Salt Candle Holders give a snowy effect to holiday lighting; Buffalo Check Christmas Pillows bring a cozy style to any room.
  •  Simple DIY ideas like Toilet Paper Roll Snowmen, Handprint Trees, beads, Candy Canes, paper snowflakes, and Pasta Wreath Garlands offer fun crafting opportunities for the entire family.

DIY Christmas Crafts for Adults

An elegant Christmas wreath on a rustic wooden door.

Unleash your inner artisan with delightful DIY Christmas crafts that cater to adults’ love for sophistication and charm.

Whether you’re a seasoned maker or dabbling in the creative realm for the season, these projects infuse holiday cheer into every corner of your home, creating an ambiance that’s as festive as it is uniquely yours.

Mason Jar and Centerpiece Craft Ideas

Mason Jar and Centerpiece Craft Ideas
Mason Jar and Centerpiece Craft Ideas
  1. Cocoa Mason Jars:
  • Fill clean mason jars with layers of hot cocoa mix, chocolate chips, and mini marshmallows.
  •  Decorate the outside with festive fabric and tie it with a ribbon. Add a tag with instructions for making the cocoa.
  1. Santa Mason Jars:
  • Paint the entire jar red and let it dry.
  •  Use black paint to create a belt around the middle. A square piece of gold paper can be the buckle.
  •  Glue a strip of white fur or cotton at the jar’s top edge to mimic Santa’s suit trim.
  1. Holiday Centerpiece:
  • Place pillar candles inside large mason jars.
  •  Around the candle, add pinecones, cranberries, or greenery for color.
  •  Set these jars in a line along your dining table or mantle for a simple centerpiece.
  1. Snowy Candle Holders:
  • Apply Mod Podge on the outside of each mason jar in a thin layer.
  •  Roll the sticky surface in Epsom salt until fully covered; this mimics snow texture.
  •  Drop tea lights inside for an instant winter glow.
  1. Festive Flower Vases:
  • Paint mason jars in holiday colors like red, green, or gold.
  •  Once dry, fill them with seasonal blooms such as poinsettias or holly branches for a fresh decoration.

Homemade Ornament Crafts

Making homemade ornament crafts is a fantastic way to spread the holiday spirit. Not only can these creations be hung proudly on your Christmas tree, but they also make great gifts.

Vintage Quilt Tree Skirt

Vintage Quilt Tree Skirt
Vintage Quilt Tree Skirt

Moving on from ornaments, let’s dive into the charm of heirlooms with a vintage quilt tree skirt. This craft breathes new life into an old quilt or cherished family piece.

It wraps around your Christmas tree, injecting a cozy and personal vibe into your festive decor.

Crafting a tree skirt out of a vintage quilt isn’t just creative; it tells a story—each patch could echo past holiday memories.

To start, choose a section of the quilt that showcases its best patterns and colors. Cut it in a circular shape to fit snugly around the base of your tree.

Hemming the edges adds durability so that you can enjoy this unique piece year after year.

Making this vintage quilt tree skirt combines tradition with creative crafting for memorable Christmas décor that stands out in any room.

Painted Nutcrackers

Painted Nutcrackers
Painted Nutcrackers

Grab your brushes and brighten up the holiday season with painted nutcrackers. They’re a classic Christmas craft that people of all skill levels can make.

Start by picking plain wooden nutcrackers from your local craft store.

Then, choose paints that match your holiday decor or go wild with colors you love.

Personalize each soldier with unique patterns and designs. Use glitter, sequins, or even small pom-poms to add some extra flair.

Once dry, these festive figures are ready to stand guard on your mantel or welcome guests at the front door.

Painted nutcrackers bring a handmade touch to Christmas decorations and create keepsakes that last for years.

Santa Suit Drink Cozies

Santa Suit Drink Cozies

festive treat

simple and fun

Just wrap your favorite beverage container in shiny red tape, add a black belt, and finish with a touch of white for the fur trim. Everyone loves these cozy cups at parties.

These whimsical cozies bring smiles to friends and family alike. They’re perfect for sipping hot cocoa or eggnog, giving that extra sprinkle of Christmas spirit to your gathering.

Let’s move on to crafting charming Clothespin Christmas Tree Ornaments next!

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Christmas Crafts for Kids

Children creating Christmas crafts in a cozy living room.

Unleash your little ones’ creativity this festive season with an array of Christmas crafts designed for the youthful imagination and tiny hands. These activities not only cultivate holiday cheer but also nurture fine motor skills and artistic expression, ensuring memories are crafted as charmingly as the projects themselves.

Clothespin Christmas Tree Ornaments

Clothespin Christmas Tree Ornaments
Clothespin Christmas Tree Ornaments

Clothespin Christmas tree ornaments bring fun to the festive season. Kids love clipping them together and adding sparkles.

  • Start by gathering plain wooden clothespins. You can find these at craft stores.
  • Paint the clothespins green or any color you like. Let them dry completely.
  • Add glitter, stickers, or paint dots to decorate your mini trees.
  • Use pipe cleaners to make tiny garlands for your tree. Twist them around.
  • Cut out small stars from yellow paper for the top of your trees.
  • Clip the clothespins onto a cardstock triangle to form a tree shape.
  • Glue a loop of ribbon on the back of the star to hang your ornament.
  • Let everything set before you hang it on your Christmas tree.

DIY Wooden Gnome Decor

DIY Wooden Gnome Decor
DIY Wooden Gnome Decor

Moving on from creating Clothespin Christmas Tree Ornaments, let’s dive into another craft that both kids and adults will enjoy – DIY Wooden Gnome Decor. This simple project brings a whimsical touch to your Christmas decorations.

  • Gather materials: You’ll need some wood scraps or small logs, felt sheets in different colors, fluffy faux fur for the beard, and hot glue.
  • Cut the wood: Saw the wood into pieces that stand up straight. Your gnome can be as tall or as short as you like.
  • Make the hat: Trace a triangle on a piece of felt. This will be your gnome’s hat. Cut it out and roll it into a cone shape.
  • Attach the beard: Cut some faux fur into a small square or triangle. Stick it onto the wood with hot glue right under where the hat brim would be.
  • Glue on the hat: Wrap your felt cone around the top of your wooden piece to look like a hat. Secure it with hot glue.
  • Add features: For a nose, use a small pompom or a bead. Glue this just above the beard.
  • Customize: Get creative! Use paint to add rosy cheeks or decorate the hat with stars, glitter or any decorations you love.

Punch Needle Christmas Tree

Making a Punch Needle Christmas Tree is fun and easy. Kids love creating these fluffy trees to decorate the house. It starts with a simple kit that teaches you how to make neat patterns with yarn.

You push the needle through fabric stretched in an embroidery hoop, making loops that form your tree.

This craft is perfect for little hands looking to contribute their own decorations. They can choose their favorite colors of yarn and design one-of-a-kind punch needle trees. Hang them up or place them on shelves once they’re done! This DIY project not only gets everyone into the holiday spirit but also gives kids a sense of accomplishment when they see their art displayed during Christmas.

Pom-Pom Winter Animals

Pom-Pom Winter Animals
Pom-Pom Winter Animals

Pom-Pom Winter Animals are fun and fluffy friends you can create for the holidays. Kids love making these cute critters with just a few simple supplies.

  • Grab some colorful pom – poms, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes.
  • Choose your favorite animal to make, like a penguin or a reindeer.
  • Stick the googly eyes onto a pom – pom to start your creature’s face.
  • Cut pipe cleaners into small pieces for arms, legs, ears, or antlers.
  • Attach the cut pipe cleaners carefully to your pom – pom using glue.
  • Add smaller pom – poms for tails or noses if needed.
  • Let all the parts dry well before playing with your new winter animal.

Snowman Stocking Stuffers

Snowman Stocking Stuffers
Snowman Stocking Stuffers

After crafting some adorable pom-pom winter animals, let’s dive into creating snowman stocking stuffers. These charming little snowmen can bring joy to your home and make fantastic DIY Christmas gifts.

  • Craft Bead Snowmen: Start with white craft beads for the body. Stack them up and use a piece of wire to hold them together. Add a tiny scarf made from ribbon and draw a face with markers.
  • Sock Snowmen: Grab an old white sock and fill it with rice or beans for weight. Tie off sections to form the head and body, then decorate with buttons, fabric scraps, and colored pins for eyes and mouth.
  • Felt Snowman Ornament: Cut out snowman shapes from white felt. Sew or glue two pieces together, leaving a space to stuff batting inside. After stuffing, finish sewing it up and add details like a felt hat and buttons.
  • Crochet Snowman Stocking: If you’re a knitter, crochet small snowmen as part of an advent calendar. These can hang on the tree or sit on shelves around your house as festive decor.
  • Bottle Cap Snowman Magnet: Use three bottle caps to form the snowman’s body. Glue them onto cardstock in a vertical line, paint them white, add features with markers or paint, attach a magnet to the back and voila!

Universal Christmas Crafts

Universal Christmas Crafts
Universal Christmas Crafts

4. Universal Christmas Crafts:.

Now, let’s dive into the shared joy of crafting—ideas that resonate with every age and skill level alike. Picture your home filled with unique touches that speak to the heart of the holidays; from twinkling Epsom salt-lit evenings to a door adorned with a melody of jingle bells—these crafts are treasures everyone can create for memories that last beyond this festive season.

Felt and Bead Magnolia Leaf Garland

Felt and Bead Magnolia Leaf Garland
Felt and Bead Magnolia Leaf Garland

Crafting a felt and bead magnolia leaf garland is a fun project for the holidays. Both kids and adults can enjoy making this festive decoration together.

  • Gather green felt, red beads, a needle, thread, and scissors.
  • Cut out leaf shapes from the green felt—make lots of them for a full garland.
  • Sew a red bead onto each felt leaf to represent the magnolia seeds.
  • Measure and cut a long piece of string or yarn for the length of your garland.
  • Attach each leaf to the string by sewing through the top part of the felt.
  • Space the leaves evenly along the string to create a natural look.
  • Hang your magnolia leaf garland on walls, over doorways, or around the Christmas tree.

Jingle Bell Wreath Door Hanger

A Jingle Bell Wreath Door Hanger adds a musical welcome to your home. It’s perfect for the holiday season and announces visitors with a charming jingle.

  • Grab some jingle bells from the craft store.
  • Choose bells of different sizes for a variety of sounds.
  • Select ribbons in festive colors like red, green, or gold.
  • Cut the ribbon into lengths to tie around each bell.
  • Find a sturdy wire or metal ring as your wreath base.
  • Attach each bell to the ring by tying them with the cut ribbons.
  • Make sure bells are close enough to touch so they jingle when moved.
  • Add greenery or small ornaments between bells for extra flair.
  • Use hot glue for any decorations that need extra hold.
  • Create a loop at the top of your wreath ring for easy hanging.
  • Hang it over your door knocker or on a hook by your door.
  • Get creative and mix in colored bells for a fun twist.
  • Personalize it with initial charms or family names on little tags.

Epsom Salt Candle Holders

Epsom Salt Candle Holders

  • Start by picking out some Mason jars from around your house or a local store.
  • Clean the jars well, making sure there’s no dust or residue on them.
  • Grab some white craft glue and brush it all over the outside of the jars.
  • Roll the glue – covered jars in Epsom salt. It will stick to the glue and look like snow!
  • Let the jars dry for a few hours until the salt is firmly attached.
  • Take some ribbon or twine and tie it around the neck of each jar for a festive touch.
  • Put small candles inside your new holders and light them up. Watch how they shine!

Buffalo Check Christmas Pillow

Create a cozy Buffalo Check Christmas Pillow to add a festive touch to your home. This craft is perfect for both adults and kids, making it a fun family project. You’ll need red and black fabric to get that classic buffalo check look.

Then, you can cut the fabric into squares and sew them together. Add some soft stuffing, stitch up the final seam, and you’ve got yourself a charming holiday decoration.

This pillow brings warmth to any room and serves as a handcrafted treasure among your Christmas decor. It stands out with its bold pattern and homemade charm – just what you need for snuggling on cold winter nights.

The instructions are straightforward, ensuring crafters at all levels can join in on the fun!

Easy DIY Craft Ideas for the Whole Family

Gather your family and dive into these easy DIY crafts. From paper snowflakes to festive ornaments, there’s something for everyone to make.

  • Toilet Paper Roll Snowmen:
  • Handprint Christmas Tree:
  • Beaded Candy Canes:
  • Paper Snowflakes:
  • Cookie Cutter Clay Ornaments:
  • Pasta Wreath Garland:


Get ready to make your Christmas sparkle with these 50 DIY craft ideas. There’s something for everyone, from adults crafting elegant centerpieces to kids creating cute pom-pom animals.

Dive into making ornaments or deck your halls with homemade decor. Crafting together makes the holiday season bright and memorable. Start your festive project today and fill your home with cheer!


1. What are some fresh DIY craft ideas for Christmas in 2023?

Get ready to create magic with your hands! We’ve got a list of 50 inventive and fun DIY craft ideas perfect for both kids and adults, curated by the experts at Hearst Digital Media. These projects will not only add holiday cheer but also make precious memories.

2. Where can I find inspiration for my holiday crafts this year?

Hearst Digital Media is bursting with creativity – it’s your go-to source! Find tons of cool, easy-to-follow guides that blend traditional charm with trendy twists. Their articles promise loads of inspiration to fuel your festive crafting spree.

3. Can adults enjoy making these Christmas crafts too, or are they just for kids?

Absolutely – it’s a crafting party for all ages! The included activities range from simple designs meant to enchant the kiddos to more challenging projects that allow grown-ups to flaunt their skills.

4. Are these DIY Christmas craft ideas budget-friendly?

Yes, indeed! Our selection focuses on using everyday materials in extraordinary ways so you can dazzle without denting your wallet —thanks again to Hearst Digital Media’s savvy suggestions.

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