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Bentinck working on a portrait
Bentinck is working on a portrait piece

Art592 is dedicated to providing valuable resources for artists, craft lovers, and DIY enthusiasts. Our goal is to inspire creativity and foster a sense of community within the artistic world.

Brand’s Personality and Values

Students working on an outdoor mural
Students working on an outdoor mural

Art592 is a collective of professional artists and enthusiasts committed to sharing their creative insights with the global community. Our identity is rooted in a passion for arts, culture, and community.

Company History

Teacher and students working with clay
Fun with Clay

Founded in 2022, Art592 is a collaborative team of creatives and designers. Since our inception, we have delivered practical tips and step-by-step information on art and design, inspiring our diverse audience.

Our Team

art592 - art teacher and his students
Bentinck shares a light moment with his Grade 11 students. Circa 2014, Freeport Bahamas
  • Key Players: Our team comprises dedicated professionals, each bringing their unique artistic expertise to the table.
  • Artistic Passion: At Art592, our team shares a common passion for art and a commitment to fostering creativity in others.

Our Approach/Methodology

Students at work in the artroom
Students at work in the art room

We collaborate to provide insightful tips and step-by-step guidance on art and design, catering to professional artists, art students, and DIY enthusiasts. Our unique processes and philosophies set us apart in the artistic community.

Our Vision/Mission

  • Vision: To make art and craft ideas accessible to all, fostering a vibrant and inclusive artistic community.
  • Mission: Art592 aims to achieve its goals by making a positive impact on the industry and community through creative inspiration.

We’re a team of creatives and designers, working together to deliver tips and step-by-step information on art and design. We’re always trying out new ideas and finding new ways to share our knowledge with you.

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