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Colored Pencil Masterpieces Done by Students

Color Pencil Drawing

If you are a lover of colored pencil drawings, then you have to check out these masterpieces. Colored pencil drawing is a delicate art, and it requires patience and precision to create something beautiful. It is not for everyone as only those who have an eye for detail can master this technique.

These students from various educational institutions have done a wonderful job with their colored pencil drawings. Each one of them has managed to bring their individual style into the picture, which makes them stand out from other artists working in this medium. Their work is remarkable and demonstrates that they have what it takes to become successful artists in their future careers.

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1. Color Pencil Drawing by Lakiesa Saunders

Kiwis color drawing
Kiwis color pencil drawing by Lakiesa Saunders

Lakiesa Saunders is a visual art student who specializes in color pencil drawings. Her work often features fruits and vegetables, as well as other everyday objects. In this drawing, Saunders has depicted two kiwis in great detail. The level of realism achieved through the use of colored pencils is quite impressive.

The colors used in the drawing are also very striking. The dark green of the kiwis’ skin is offset by the bright yellow of their flesh.

2. Color Pencil Drawing by Amor Ferguson

Portrait by Amor Ferguson
Portrait by Amor Ferguson

This is a colored pencil drawing of a portrait of a teen boy by Amor Ferguson. The drawing is very realistic and captures the teen’s likeness well. The use of colored pencils allows for a wide range of colors and hues to be used, giving the drawing a lifelike quality.

The artist has used light and shadow effects to create a sense of depth and dimension in the drawing. Overall, this is a well-executed portrait that captures the subject’s features beautifully.

3. Color Pencil Drawing by Cassidy Cartwright

Ballerins by Cassidy Cartwright
Ballerinas by Cassidy Cartwright

This color pencil drawing of ballerinas by Cassidy Cartwright is a beautiful and detailed work of art. The young artist has used a variety of colors to create a semi-realistic image of five ballerinas dancing.

The shading and blending of the colors create a sense of depth and movement in the drawing. The artist has also used layering to add texture and interest to the drawing. This is a lovely drawing that captures the grace and beauty of ballerinas.

4. Color pencil drawing by Kiara Rolle

Lobster colored pencil drawing by Kiara Rolle
Lobsters by Kiara Rolle

Kiara Rolle’s Lobsters done with color pencil is a great illustration of how color can be used to produce a photorealistic image. The drawing was done with colored pencils. The artist has only employed a small selection of colors, yet each one has been utilized to stunning effect.

The utilization of light and shadow has resulted in the creation of an impression of depth and three-dimensionality, and the composition as a whole is very easy on the eyes. I applaud the artist for her expertise, as this is a drawing that has been produced really well indeed.

5. Color Pencil Drawing by Amor Ferguson

Still life with Egg Plant
Still life with Egg Plant, Prismacolor on paper

This is a drawing done with colored pencils of a still life that features an eggplant. The student utilized a wide range of hues to get the desired effect of the eggplant’s gradated appearance, as a result of the effects of light on the object.

The drawing is really detailed and lifelike. The student was able to catch the texture of the skin of the eggplant as well as the shadows that were created by the light. The essence of the eggplant has been beautifully depicted in this drawing, which is rather lovely.

6. Color pencil drawing by Delicia Andrews

Colored pencil drawing of under the sea
Colored pencil drawing of under the sea by Delicia Andrews

This is a very colorful and unique piece done with colored pencils. The student used a variety of colors to create a beautiful undersea scene. I love the way the artist has used light and dark colors to create depth and movement in the piece.

The use of colored pencils gives the piece a soft and dreamy feel. I can imagine the student spending many hours working on this detailed and intricate piece.

7. Color pencil drawing by Amor Ferguson

Caring for a pet by Amor Ferguson
Caring for a pet by Amor Ferguson

Amor Ferguson’s “Caring for a Pet” is a delightful example of how colored pencils can be used to create a beautiful work of art. The artist has used a variety of colors to create a scene that is both realistic and charming. The use of light and dark colors add depth and dimension to the image, and the careful placement of the colors creates a sense of movement and energy. The result is a delightful image that captures the joy and vitality of caring for a pet.

8. Color pencil drawing by Owen Scipio

Still Life with Fruits by Owen Scipio
Still Life with Fruits by Owen Scipio

This is a still-life drawing of various fruits done with colored pencils. The artist, Owen Scipio, has done a great job of capturing the different colors and textures of the fruits. The use of colored pencils gives the drawing a softer look and feel, which is appropriate for a still-life subject. Overall, this is a well-executed drawing that shows a good understanding of both the medium and the subject matter.

9. Color Pencil Drawing By Jade Adderley

Sun, Sand and Flamingoes
Sun, Sand, and Flamingoes by Jade Adderley

This piece, entitled “Sun, Sand, and Flamingoes” is a colorful and whimsical work created entirely with colored pencils. The artist has used a variety of hues and tones to produce a cheerful image that is sure to bring a smile to the viewer’s face. The simple composition and child-like innocence of the scene is delightful, making this a perfect example of how art can be both beautiful and fun.

The Brand of Colored Pencils used by these Students

The brand of colored pencils used by these students is quite interesting. They used Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, Arteza Colored Pencils, and They are all high quality, and the colors are very vibrant. It’s interesting to note that the students seem to prefer this brand of colored pencils over others.

It’s possible that the students are drawn to the pencils because of the high quality of the colors.

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Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils
Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

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Arteza Colored Pencils

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Arteza Colored Pencils, Professional Set of 72 Colors
Arteza Colored Pencils

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Muousco Colored Pencils

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Muousco Colored Pencils
Muousco Colored Pencils

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Final Words on Color Pencil Drawing

These were some examples of colored pencil drawing done by students. These drawings showcase these students’ abilities, and they prove that colored pencil art is not only for beginners. These drawings can be done both in a casual setting and within the framework of a formal art class.

They used their drawings as a way to express their emotions and share them with others. So, if you are someone who loves art, then give these colored pencil drawings a try and show us what you can do

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