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Canvas Paint Supplies

Making art of any kind is not always easy. It takes time, patience, and dedication to produce something that you can be proud of.

Painting on canvas can be just as tough as any other form since it requires more than just a paintbrush and some paint. You need the right supplies and equipment to make sure your painting is successful and long-lasting.

canvas paint supplies

A variety of paint supplies can be found and other online stores. From brushes to canvases, paint, and more, there is a diverse range of options available to suit your creative needs.

The first thing to consider when choosing paint supplies is what you plan to create with them.

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Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints are a popular choice for artists because they dry quickly and have a glossy, waterproof finish. Acrylic paints can be used on almost any art surface, including canvas, paper, wood, clay, metal, and cement.

They are also available in three different levels of pigments: student grade (which is more expensive), artist grade (which is the most expensive), and intermediate grade (in between students and artist).

Acrylic paints are a type of paint that is pigment-based. They are water-soluble, but also contain an acrylic polymer that allows them to be thinned with water.

For more in-depth information on the best acrylic paint for canvas, read this post: The Best Acrylic Paint For Canvas: Which One Should You Buy?

Acrylic Paint Set

Premium quality acrylic paint comes in one of two forms, in bottles or in tubes. As with any paint, the type you choose will depend on what you intend to use it for. If you want a thick color, that’s incredibly flexible, then a heavy-bodied acrylic is your answer.

Paints in Tubes

Paints in tubes are convenient for many art projects, especially those of beginners. They can squeeze directly the tube onto the palette, making it easy to spread.

A tube of paint
FIXSMITH Acrylic Paint, Set of 24 Colors/Tubes

FIXSMITH Acrylic Paint is the perfect solution for any painting project. This set of 24 high quality colors will give you a wide range of hues to create your masterpiece.

The quality paint dries quickly with no bothersome fumes and it provides maximum strength, even in thin layers.

Specially designed for artists who work with delicate objects like glass, porcelain, metal, wood, or building materials; UV Acrylic Paint takes on a hard finish that won’t crack under the strain.

Paints in Bottles

Acrylic paints in bottles are a great alternative for people who need a quick fix

Sargent Art 24-2450 16-Ounce Acrylic Paint, Blue
Sargent Art 24-2450 16-Ounce Acrylic Paint, Blue

Sargent Art Acrylic Paint 24-2450 is a 16 oz. container of acrylic paint in a lovely blue shade. This pigment-filled paint provides an excellent medium for creating vibrant paintings or colorful, expressive crafts.

When applied with a brush, this artist’s quality paints have the advantage of being able to create both thin and thick lines, so give your favorite work plenty of depth!

They are also non-toxic and washable for easy cleanup after art time is over.

Canvas Paint Set

If you are a newbie who is just getting started and wants to produce your best work, a canvas paint set will be a great place to start.

There are available on Amazon and come with a combination of basic items you will need for any painting project. See the list below:

Art Canvas Paint Set
Art Canvas Paint Set Supplies

Create a masterpiece with this professional 22-Piece Canvas Acrylic Painting Kit! This set includes 12 Non-Toxic Washable Paints, five brushes, 8×10 inch canvas, wood easel and step-by-step instructions for beginners.

Perfect for kids or adults, this kit is great for any level of painting skill. You’ll love the convenience of easy storage in your art bag or carry case!

Primary colors

Primary colors should always be a part of any artist’s set or starter kit. The primary colors are the three colors that can be mixed to form all other colors.

Red, yellow, and blue is the primary colors. The reason why they are called “primary” is that they cannot be created or made by mixing different colors together. The three primary colors are also called “primaries.

Liquitex BASICS 5 Tube Acrylic Paint Set, 4x75ml, 1x118ml
Liquitex BASICS 5 Tube Acrylic Paint Set, 4x75ml, 1x118ml

The Liquitex BASICS 5 Tube Acrylic Paint Set is perfect for beginners and those looking to pick up a new hobby.

The kit includes 4 x 75ml tubes of white, black, red, and yellow and 1 x 118ml tube of Titanium White acrylic paint to provide the base colors for all your creative needs.

With these great basics, you’ll be able to color almost anything–from landscapes and still-life to portraits and abstracts!

Oil Paints

artist oil paints

Oil paints are a traditional medium for oil painting, and they are composed of pigments, binders, solvents, and other ingredients.

The pigment particles in oil paint are made up of organic (carbon-based) compounds such as linseed oil or poppy seed oil as well as minerals such as chalk or clay. They also contain natural drying agents called resins.

Oil colors

artist oil paints
Paul Rubens Oil Paint

Oil colors are the most popular type of paint, due to their incomparable saturation and vibrancy. They are often used by artists because they are durable, don’t fade easily, and offer a wide variety of colors.

Oil-based paints can be diluted with linseed oil (or other similar oil) to create an impasto effect that is quite thick and textured.


GOTIDEAL Stretched Canvas
GOTIDEAL Stretched Canvas Sets

The canvas is a special kind of painting surface. It is made from woven fabric and is traditionally stretched over a wooden frame.

Canvas may be natural or artificial, but it usually consists of cotton. The canvas has been used by artists for centuries as an inexpensive medium that does not require too much skill to work with.

Canvas Panels

 Canvas Boards for Painting Canvas Panels Variety Pack

Canvas Boards for Painting Canvas Panels Variety Pack

18 Pack 3mm thickness Canvas Value Multi-Pack. Offering a variety of sizes and styles, these panels are great for those looking to start an art project and those who want to build on their existing collection. With 18 assorted pack options, you will find the perfect set for your needs.

Canvas Boards

 Arteza Canvas Boards for Painting

Arteza Canvas Boards for Painting

Canvas Boards are a great alternative to traditional painting canvases. They are much thinner than traditional canvases, so they are easier to load on the easel or work separately.

They are also more flexible, which allows for more versatile, fluid movements with the paintbrushes.

This new type of canvas eliminates the need for an additional layer of some sort to support the artwork before the application of paint because it is water-resistant and does not fray.


An artist’s easel is a tool that can be used in creating paintings. It has three parts: the base, the easel back, and the canvas support.

The base sits on the floor, with extensions coming up to rest on the ground so that it is level. The easel back attaches to the top of the base and can be adjusted to create different heights.

Lastly, there is canvas support that hangs from an arm on one side of the easel back.

They are different easels, each fits a different artistic need:

Desk Easel

Art Alternatives Marquis Artists Adjustable Desk Box Easel, Natural
Art Alternatives Marquis Artists Adjustable Desk Box Easel, Natural

The Caravan Marquis Artists Adjustable Desk Box Ease is a good choice for people of all skill levels. It adjusts to four different positions and can be adjusted to any height.

This saves you from having to constantly rearrange your workspace and creates more versatility in where you do your work.

Tripod Display Easel

 T-Sign 66" Reinforced Artist Easel Stand

T-Sign 66″ Reinforced Artist Easel Stand

The T-Sign 66″ Reinforced Artist Easel Stand is designed for professional artists. This stand accommodates panels or canvases up to 33″h x 1.2″d and can hold up to 25 lbs.

The lightweight yet solid frame supports your artwork with little effort, while the low center of gravity keeps it steady even in high winds!

Paint Brushes

Artist brushes are an important tool in the arsenal of any painter or photographer, and the type of brush will dictate what you can do with it.

There are many shapes and sizes to choose from, and each has its own purpose. Here is a list of the most common artist brushes:

Round brushes

Nicpro 10 PCS Watercolor Paint Brushes
Nicpro 10 PCS Watercolor Brushes

Our Round Tip Artist Painting Brush Set is the perfect addition to any artist’s studio. These brushes are made from synthetic bristles and allow for high performance at a low price point.

They work well with watercolor, acrylic, gouache, oil, and more! This package of 10 brushes provides plenty of options for any medium and every detail.

Filbert brushes

Transon Red Sable Filbert Paint Brushes
Transon Red Sable Filbert Paint Brushes

Transon Red Sable Filbert Paint Brushes are made from the finest natural red sables with a medium-soft filbert head. They have a red lacquered finish and an even form for clean, smooth painting strokes.

The brushes have long, delicate bristles that retain their shape well and don’t lose bristles. Transon Red Sable Filbert Paint Brushes allow you to paint precisely, giving the most control of any brush!

Flat brushes

Artist Oil Paint Brushes Red Sable Long Handle
Artist Oil Paint Brushes Red Sable Long Handle

Whether you’re an artist, a beginner, or just need some new brushes, these long-handled paintbrushes are the right choice.

The high-quality red sable bristles make them perfect for oil paints and acrylics for all levels of experience. If you’re an experienced painter, they glide across the canvas effortlessly and can be used with either thick or thin paints.

They work equally well on paper and watercolor paintings and offer excellent paint holding and easy flow of paint.

Fan brushes

Amagic Fan Brush Set
Amagic Fan Brush Set

It’s time to take your paintings from amateur or hobbyist to art with Amagic Fan Brush Set! These brushes are the perfect tool for innovative artists who want their work to be shown in galleries and sold in shops around the world.

What makes these brushes better than other painting sets? The bristles that shed and loose hair while applying paint are an issue no longer with these revolutionary brushes!

Solvents and Oil Mediums

Solvents and oils are the two most popular mediums used in painting.

The difference between the two is that solvents are fluids that evaporate quickly to prevent paint from sticking to the surface of the object, whereas oils are made up of fatty liquids that stick to surfaces because they do not evaporate quickly. Artists use these substances for different purposes.


Winsor & Newton Sansodor Low Odor Solvent
Winsor & Newton Sansodor Low Odor Solvent

This odorless solvent is great for artists who prefer to avoid exposure to turpentine. The light odor of this product has been described by many users as pleasant and unobtrusive.

It will not affect the quality of your work, and it can be applied in direct contact with wet paint without discoloring pigments.

Oil Medium

 Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Mediums Linseed Oil

Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Mediums Linseed Oil

This Winsor & Newton water mixable medium is a great choice for painters who love working with oils. The Linseed Oil in the formula allows you to reduce the consistency of your favorite colors, improving their flow when painting.

It’s easy to add the medium, and it won’t alter their appearance, so you can change from thick oil paint to a more workable texture without losing quality or altering colour brightness!

Painting Palette

 3pcs Acrylic Paint Palette

3pcs Acrylic Painting Palette 

The word “palette” comes from the Latin word, meaning “a board on which colors are laid.” In a figurative sense, a painter’s palette is an example of this.

In painting, a palette is a flat surface onto which the artist arranges their paints.

Palette Knife

CONDA Palette Knife
CONDA Palette Knife

A palette knife is a painter’s tool that works well for making broad strokes and scraping the paint off the canvas. The blade of this utensil is short but thick. The rounded edge of this blade makes it perfect for detail work, like blending paint to create textures.

Final Words on Canvas Paint Supplies

In conclusion, I hope this article has helped you to make an informed decision for choosing your next set of canvas paint supplies. By taking advice from art professionals, you can get the best for your money with nothing but high-quality results.

In conclusion, you will want to find the best quality canvas paint supplies that work for what you are painting. Quality can range from high-end to low-end.

With these tips, you should be able to make an educated decision on what you need for your next masterpiece. Remember to always buy the best quality materials available to you.

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