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Colored Pencil by Arteza

Arteza Colored Pencil
Arteza Colored Pencil

This post is about Arteza coloured pencils. We’ll review these coloured pencils’ features, benefits, and performance.

Arteza coloured pencils will be compared to other brands and mediums like markers and watercolours.

Readers will learn all about Arteza coloured pencils, including their quality, features, and usability. Readers will also learn how to use these pencils for professional artwork.

Overview of Arteza coloured pencils

Arteza coloured pencils use high-quality pigments to create vibrant, intense colours. A thick, soft lead gives each pencil a smooth, blendable finish.

They have a large colour palette and offer sets with many shades, making them suitable for all kinds of artistic projects, whether you’re a professional or just starting out.

The Benefits of Arteza Colored Pencils

Benefits of Arteza coloured pencils include lightfastness and versatility. They’re eco-friendly and non-toxic, so artists of all ages can use them.

It’s important to note that Arteza coloured pencils’ quality can vary greatly from other brands.

High-quality Arteza pencils are durable, easy to use, and produce intense, vibrant colours. Compared to other premium coloured pencil brands, they’re cheaper and just as good.

Thus, they are ideal for artists and illustrators seeking high-quality coloured pencils at a low price.

Review of Arteza Colored Pencils

Arteza Colored Pencils are durable. Professional-grade coloured pencils in a variety of colour set they ideal for all drawing projects.

They’re known for their fade-resistant, smooth, and vibrant qualities. Arteza Colored Pencils’ strong lead core ensures even colouring without breaking or fading.

To draw seamlessly, the hexagonal shape makes them easy to grip. They come in an organized tin box with 24 colours so you can easily find the right one for your project.

Here are some reviews of the best Arteza set in today’s art market.

Arteza Colored Pencils, 72 Professional Drawing Pencils

Arteza Colored Pencils, 72 Professional Drawing Pencils
Arteza Colored Pencils, 72 Professional Drawing Pencils

The 72 professional drawing pencils set has been an excellent addition to my art supplies. These pencils’ soft wax-based cores allow for smooth and easy blending, making it simple to create a wide range of colours and effects.

The pencils are also a nice weight and thickness, making them comfortable to hold and use for long periods of time.

The colour palette is also stunning. The set includes 72 different colours, more than enough to create vibrant and eye-catching creative compositions.

Suitable for Various Subject Matters

The pigmentation is also excellent, resulting in vibrant, rich colours that pop off the page. They are appropriate for a variety of drawing subject matters, including portrait, landscape, and still life.


The lightfastness is also excellent, the colours do retain their vibrancy for an extended period of time.

Storage Convenience

I also like that the pencils come in a tin box for storage and protection, which makes it easy to keep the pencils in good condition and transport them.

The packaging is also very appealing, making it an excellent gift for anyone with an interest in art.

Pros and Cons of 72 Professional Drawing Pencils Set


  1. High-quality pigmentation: The Arteza coloured pencils have rich, intense colours that will stand out in your artwork.
  2. Colour palette: The set includes 72 different shades, giving artists a diverse colour palette to work with.
  3. Soft wax-based cores: These pencils blend and layer easily, allowing artists to create a variety of colours and effects.
  4. The pencils have a comfortable weight and thickness, making them easy to hold and use for extended periods of time.
  5. Convenient storage: The pencils are stored and protected in a tin box, making it simple to keep them in good condition and transport them.


  1. Not suitable for fine detail work: Because of the wax-based core, these pencils may not be as precise as oil-based or graphite pencils.
  2. Can break if too much pressure is applied: The pencils have a soft lead that can break if too much pressure is applied.
  3. Sharpening can be messy: Because the cores are wax-based, sharpening can be messy.
  4. Although the pigmentation is excellent, some colours may fade with time.
  5. Price: They may be a little more expensive than other coloured pencil sets.
Key Takeaway:
  • Overall, I strongly recommend this Arteza coloured pencils set to any artist looking for high-quality, easy-to-use coloured pencils.
  • This set contains everything you need to create beautiful, eye-catching artwork, whether you are a beginner or a professional.

ARTEZA Colored Pencils for Adult Coloring, 48 Colors

Arteza Colored Pencils for Adult Coloring

As an artist, I am constantly on the lookout for high-quality art supplies to help me realize my creative visions. I recently tried out the Arteza Colored Pencils for Adult Coloring and must say that I am very impressed.

I must admit I was a bit sceptical about the adult colouring section of the name. As a professional artist, I avoid amateur materials as must as possible.

Wide Color Range

First and foremost, the set includes an impressive 48 different colours, giving me a wide range of options for all of my colouring needs.

Wax-based Core

These pencils have a wax-based core that is highly pigmented and allows for smooth and easy application on a variety of paper types.

Vibrant Colors

The colours are vibrant and true to the colour of the pencil, making it simple to achieve the precise shade I desire.


Another advantage of these coloured pencils is their long life. Even after multiple layers and blending, the pencils retained their shape and did not easily break.

This is a huge plus for me because I despise having to constantly sharpen my pencils while drawing. That breaks my creative flow!

Key Takeaway:
  • Overall, I am very pleased with my ARTEZA Colored Pencils for Adult Coloring purchase.


  1. A variety of colours: The set includes 48 different colours, giving me a variety of options for all of my colouring needs.
  2. Highly pigmented: The pencils have a wax-based core that is highly pigmented and allows for smooth and easy application on paper.
  3. Durable: Even after multiple layers and blending, the pencils retained their shape and did not break easily.
  4. The colours are vibrant and true to the colour of the pencil, making it easy to achieve the exact shade I want.
  5. Excellent for both professionals and amateurs: These pencils are ideal for both professional and amateur artists.


  1. Price: While the set may be a little pricey for some, the variety of colours and the high quality of the pencils make it worthwhile.
  2. Some colours in the set may be similar: Some of the colours in the set may be similar to one another, making subtle variations in shading difficult to achieve.
  3. Sharpening: The pencils must be sharpened on a regular basis, which can be time-consuming and wasteful.
  4. Not lightfast: Some colours may fade over time if exposed to light, so keep finished artworks in a dark place or use UV-protective frames.
  5. These pencils may not be suitable for very detailed drawings due to the softer lead’s tendency to smudge more easily.

Comparing Arteza Colored Pencils with Other Mediums

Comparing coloured pencils to markers, watercolours, or paint can help artists understand each medium’s strengths and weaknesses and choose the right medium for a project or skill level.

Ideal for Portraits and Still-life

Arteza coloured pencils are ideal for portraiture and still-life drawings due to their precision and control.

They can also be easily layered and blended to create many colours and effects. They are less messy than watercolours and can be erased or covered with another colour.


Markers are great for illustrations and graphic design because they create bold, vibrant colours.

They don’t need sharpening and can be blended to create different colours, making them convenient to use.

They are less precise than coloured pencils, and once the ink is on paper, mistakes are hard to fix.


Watercolours are great for loose, flowing effects and nature. They’re easy to mix and can make many colours, but they’re messy and hard to control.

Oils and Acrylics

Finally, oil and acrylic paints can create a variety of textures and effects, from impasto to smooth glazes. They can be layered to create many colours, but they dry slowly, making adjustments difficult.

Each medium has its strengths and weaknesses, and the best medium depends on the project or skill level but coloured pencils offer more control and precision which is ideal for work that requires this.

Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial for Using Arteza Colored Pencils

Coloured pencils are an excellent medium for creating detailed and colourful artwork. Arteza coloured pencils are professional-grade pencils that can be used to achieve a variety of effects.

Here’s a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to use Arteza coloured pencils:

  1. Choose your topic carefully: Make a decision on what you want to draw or colour. Anything from a still life to a landscape to a portrait is acceptable.
  2. Sketch out the basic shapes and lines of your subject matter with a light-coloured pencil. This will assist you in planning the composition and placement of the various elements in your drawing.
  3. Choose your coloured pencils: Look over your sketch and decide which colours you’ll need to achieve the desired effect. Arteza coloured pencils are available in a variety of colours, so you should have no trouble finding the right shades for your artwork.
  4. Begin colouring: Once you’ve gathered your coloured pencils, begin colouring in your sketch. To apply the colour, use light, even strokes. If you want a more intense colour, you can always go over it again.
  5. Blend and shade: Use blending techniques to smooth out the colour and create tone gradations in your drawing to add depth and dimension. To blend the colours together, you can use your fingers, blending stumps, or even a cotton swab.
  6. After you’ve completed the basic colour blocking, you can begin adding details and highlights to your drawing. To add texture and fine lines to your artwork, use a sharp pencil.
  7. Finishing Touch: Once you’ve finished your drawing, use a fixative spray to keep the colours in place and prevent smudging.

You can use Arteza coloured pencils to create beautiful and detailed artwork by following these steps.

Take your time and work carefully, and don’t be afraid to try out different techniques to find the style that works best for you.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some pointers and tricks for working with Arteza coloured pencils:

  • Colour layering: To create a more vibrant and dynamic effect, layer different colours on top of one another. This can also aid in the creation of the illusion of depth and texture.
  • Use a blending tool: A blending tool, such as a colourless blender pencil or a blending stump, can be used to smooth out the lines and blend colours together.
  • Experiment with different levels of pressure on the pencil to achieve a variety of values and intensities. Light pressure creates a light, translucent effect, whereas heavy pressure creates a darker, more opaque effect.
  • Maintain a sharp point: It is critical to keep the tip of the coloured pencil sharp in order to maintain control and precision. This can be accomplished by sharpening the tip of a pencil with a pencil sharpener or by sharpening the tip of a knife.
  • Experiment with different surfaces: When using coloured pencils, different types of paper can produce different results. A rough paper, for example, can help create a more textured and layered look, whereas a smoother paper can help achieve a more seamless and blended effect.
  • Make texture and patterns: You can make texture by using the side of the coloured pencil, or you can make patterns by hatching, cross-hatching, or scribbling.
  • Practice, practice, practice: As with any art form, the more you work with coloured pencils, the more at ease you’ll become with them and the more proficient you’ll become at using them to achieve a variety of effects.

Ideas for Projects or Exercises to Try Using the Colored Pencils

  1. Using coloured pencils, create a still-life scene. Arrange fruit, vases, and books on a table and sketch them in detail with a variety of coloured pencils.
  2. Using coloured pencils, create a landscape scene. This can be a memory or a photograph of a scene. Experiment with different techniques to add depth and realism, such as layering colours and blending.
  3. Draw a portrait with coloured pencils. This could be a portrait of a friend or family member, or it could be of a famous person. Experiment with capturing the likeness and details of a face.
  4. Using coloured pencils, illustrate a children’s story or fairytale.
  5. Make a botanical illustration by drawing a variety of flowers and leaves with coloured pencils.
  6. Draw a cityscape with an emphasis on the various colours and textures of the buildings.
  7. Create an abstract or non-representational drawing with coloured pencils by experimenting with different colours and techniques.
  8. Create a zentangle-inspired pattern with coloured pencils, focusing on details and shape repetition.
  9. Using coloured pencils, create a comic strip or graphic novel.
  10. Using coloured pencils, create a clothing piece and add details to the fabrics and patterns.

Final Thoughts on Arteza Colored Pencil

Finally, Arteza coloured pencils are an excellent choice for artists of all skill levels. They are made with high-quality pigments that are vibrant and blend easily, allowing for a variety of creative options.

The pencils are also well-made and long-lasting, making them an excellent investment. These coloured pencils are a versatile and dependable option for creating stunning artwork, whether you’re an experienced artist or a beginner.

Pencils are suitable for a wide range of art styles and provide good value for money due to their wide colour range.

Arteza pencils are also an environmentally friendly option for art enthusiasts due to their non-toxic nature and eco-friendly packaging.

Overall, Arteza coloured pencils are an excellent addition to any art supply collection, providing limitless opportunities for artistic expression.

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